Flygmedicinskt Centrum

Flygmedicinska Centrum (FMC) in Malmö is an independent limited liability company that conducts aviation and dive medical examinations. FMC is one of the country's two aeronautical centers approved and authorized by the Transport Agency as Aeromedical Center (AeMC).

The authorization is European and issued by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) through the Transport Agency.

In addition to a quality assurance, the authorization means the right to perform first-time examinations of future pilots class 1 and future air traffic controllers.

The operations of AeMC started in 2000 in conjunction with the introduction of JAA, but our aerospace group has been operating aeronautical operations in Skåne for almost 30 years.

On July 1, 2019, FMC moved to new premises on the second floor on Stormgatan 14 in central Malmö, only 300 meters away from Malmö Central Station.